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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best Date Night EVER

So last night my hubby and I got a special treat...a date night :-) What did our date consist of...coffee and a trip to Hancock's where I could shop till my hearts content. And the icing on top of the cake...they were having an amazing sale!!! I have the most wonderful hubby ever! The pic to the right are some of the goodies I got!

More Re-purposing Fun!

Once again I have been inspired by the art of re-purposing! There are so many great ideas and endless options for those who want to re-purpose.

Jack Jack is sporting a new shirt thanks to some great inspiration I got from this momma. It has been Celebrate the Boy month over there and I have been LOVING it! It is so hard to find really cute stuff to make for my little man and she has tons of ideas. So using her oh so easy tutorial on the envelope shirt I whipped up three new, adorable shirts for my Jack Jack.

As I have said before my hubby has put on a couple extra pounds (it is a good thing! he NEEDS the extra padding!). Therefore, I have tons of extra t-shirts, jeans, and pants to breathe new life into. I grabbed three t-shirts from that stash- a black and gray baseball style shirt, a plain red one, and a plain green one.

Next I found an old onesie that still fit Jack but had an ugly painted owl on the front of it (one of those trial and error kind of projects!) so he wasn't going to wear it ever again. I cut it up and used it as my pattern for the shirts. I had to adjust my pattern several times so each of the three shirts fits a little different, but overall each fits pretty well. I am still working on getting the pattern just right- it needs just a couple more tweaks and it will be perfect :-)

I loved using Chad's old t-shirts for this project! Mainly because I lined the bottom of my pattern up with the bottom of the t-shirt and cut the sleeves out of the existing sleeves. By doing this I did not have to hem anything! Wonderful!

Since the t-shirts we're very plain I decided to applique some cute little things to the front, a tractor, a fire truck, and an airplane. I found the patterns for the designs at this website...and guess what...they are free! (I love that word!) You can print the stencils off...or like me you can just cut out the shapes free hand. Next I used some heat-n-bond to attach them to the t-shirt and sewed around the edges to make sure they didn't come off in the wash.

I do have to say I was pretty intimidated by this project! It took me a lot to work up the courage to try it...but surprisingly it was...easy. Now easy doesn't mean that I didn't have to re-attach the sleeves about a dozen times (to make matters worse I lost my seam ripper right before this project!) and re-do the pattern a couple more times just to get the fit right, or that it came out perfect; what easy does mean is that I finished it!!! Completion not perfection my friends, that is the key to a sane sewing experience :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jack's New Outfit

So I have seen a ton of posts lately on re-purposing old clothes and objects into something new. I LOVE the idea! Well this is one of my first (and favorite) attempts at re-purposing.

Since I got pregnant with Jack my hubby has also been gaining weight :-) He has gone up at least one if not two sizes in just about everything. So....I now have a ton of t-shirts, jeans, dress pants, etc to re-fashion into something for my littlest man!

So as I was digging through hubby's clothes I found a pair of dress pants...I have been wanting to make Jack a nice outfit for church and he has been growing so fast that I didn't want to buy a new outfit when he probably will only get to wear it one or two times! (I'm sure most mom's out there can relate to this problem!)

I grabbed up the pants and went to my kitchen table(i.e. my "craft room"...wish I actually had one!) Then I found a pair of pants that currently fit my growing little man and a vest I found at the thrift store. Next I made patterns. There are tons of post out there on how to make patterns for pants...if you Google it I promise you will find it :-) (not really sure how to post the links on here yet, it is on my list to figure out!). The pants were the easiest part of this outfit I just lined up the pattern with the bottom of my hubby's pants so I didn't even have to hem the bottom! The waist band is just an elastic waist band -much easier to put on baby that way! I also cut the belt loops off my hubby's pants and attached them to Jack's.

Since I cut the pants out of the bottom of hubby's pants I had the whole top part left over...so I used that part to make the vest. These particular dress pants were lined, so I used that lining to line the vest. The vest is made up of three parts: the back, front left side, and the front right side. I think next time I need to make the vest pattern a little bigger since I sewed the outside and lining right sides together, then turned it right side out, then sewed the seams together (it fits pretty snugly right now!) Definitely need to make those adjustments...but altogether not too bad for a first try!

I am planning on making another outfit for Jack for Easter out of a pair of gray stripped dress pants...maybe I will try and do a step by step "tutorial" to post on here when I tackle that one. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make that bow tie he is wearing! (which is actually his daddy's...that would be the reason it is so big on him...but it was just to cute to resist!)
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