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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Curly Hair: Post 30 Day" No Poo" Experiment

 I realized the other day that I have talked about having curly hair, but I have no pictures on this blog of my curly hair. So for the sake of the 30 day challenge I figured I should show what my hair looks like curly.

I am so completely happy with my curly hair now! The curls are bigger, more defined, and not as frizzy as before. I am still using a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of mousse to set the curls. I am currently looking for a more natural alternative for it though. So if you know of one, please share!

This color is much more accurate of my hair color! Dark brown with some reddish highlights (I do not color or highlight my hair)...and I don't have jaundice...I'm just super pale. ;-)

If you want to read my posts about going "all natural" for your hair care check out...

No Poo 30 Day Challenge..The Beginning

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If you are doing the 30 day challenge remember...everyone's hair is different. It may take yours a bit longer to adjust and not make crazy, extra amounts of oil. I was extremely surprised it only took mine about 3 weeks. Don't get discouraged, hang in there. Tweak the recipe a bit to work for your hair.

Never tried going "poo free" before? Check out the 30 Day Challenge Beginning for information on the how and why...and give it a try! It just might be the best thing you ever did for you hair. If not...you haven't lost anything, simply go back to your shampooing ways...or even better, find another natural alternative. :-)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY "I SPY" Book

I SPY books are Jack's absolute favorite! He loooooves to look at them over, and over, and over, and over again. I have seen people making their own I SPY books lately, and decided to give it it a try.

I grabbed a bunch of different toys, a white sheet of paper, and my camera phone. Jack was super excited and helped me through the whole process. It was a ton of fun coming up with new ideas!

We set up our pages two different ways. Either we threw the objects randomly onto the white paper, or we set them up to create little "scenes".

Here are the pages we came up with..

Felt Shapes

Can you find a...Carrot, Tomato, Blue Fish, Three Yellow Stars, and the letters X, E, and D?

Baby Toys

Can you find a...Blue Polka Dot Elephant, puppy dog, horse, two butterflies, a bumble bee, the letter M, and a yellow bee on a ring

Batman's Cave

Can you find...Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Mr. Freeze, Dr. Doom, or The Joker

City of Blocks

Can you find...A Mouse, a Duck, a Lion, the letter Z, R, and o


Can you find...a Yellow Truck, Red Van, Yellow Taxi Cab, Blue Race Car, Blue Dune Buggy, and a Red 


Where is Spiderman and the Hulk?

Toy Story

Can you find...3 Aliens, Mr. Prickle Pants, Jessie, and Woody

 Wooden Toys

Can you find...a Saw, a Pair of Pliers, Two Yellow Blocks, a Police Car, and a Red and Blue Bead


Can you find...The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Johnny Morrison?

(Yes...I know all their names...it is very sad! My husband is to blame.)

Barnyard Animals

Can you find...the Donkey, the little hen, the red rooster, the piglet, the owl, the dog, and the horse?

I even made a cover for it...

The possibilities are really endless. I still want to do...
kitchen theme
nature theme
craft supplies theme
movie case theme
color themed pages
bug theme
underwater theme
dinosaur theme

...the list could go on and on! 

My plan is to print them off to a 5x8 size, laminate them, single hole punch them at the top, and add a clip. This will be the perfect size to throw in my purse and take with us to the doctor, or anywhere! For more of a "board book" feel, you could modge podge the pictures onto cardboard, then punch holes in them and clip them together. 

So grab your little one, a camera, a sheet of white paper or a scenery prop, and take some pictures! You and your kiddo will have so much fun doing it, and end up with a one of kind book! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY No Sew Apron

Today I am going to share a super quick, easy peasy, and cheap tutorial for an everyday apron! Since I have started line drying our laundry, I have wanted an apron with a pocket to put the clothespins in. So the other night I grabbed up some scrap fabrics, and whipped one up in about 30 minutes.

Don't know how to sew? Don't have a sewing machine? Don't sweat it! I share both a sewing and a        No-Sew version! 

Step 1.) Gather your Materials...I used some left over fabric for the main fabric, a handkerchief for the pocket, and some old lace for the ties. For the ties you can use lace, bias tape, ribbon, etc. Don't have a handkerchief...use any piece of fabric you want. I went with this hankie because the edges were already finished. Use whatever you have on hand. No need to buy new fabric!

If you are making the No Sew version you will want to pick up a small roll of Heat-N-Bond Ultra. You can find it at Wal-Mart or any craft store for just a few dollars. 

Step 2.) Cut your main fabric to the size above (28" wide x16" long). You can honestly make this any size you want...want it longer, add a few inches...want it wider...no problem! Do what ever size works best for you. 

Serge or zig zag edges so they do not fray.

**If you are making the No Sew version: When "hemming" the edges with Heat-N-Bond you will want to hem the top edge 1" and the sides and bottom 1/2". This will save you a whole step later on.**

Step 3.) Pin and sew handkerchief onto main fabric.

No Sew Version: Use Heat-n-Bond to adhere the two edges of the handkerchief together since you are folding it in half, before adhering it to the main fabric.

Step 4.) Sew or Bond  1 1/2" of the top of the handkerchief to the main fabric. This will give the pocket a bit more stability.

Step 5.) Hem the top of the apron. Fold over 1", iron and sew in place.

**If using the No Sew method this step has already been completed back in step #1. Yea!

Step 6.) Line up the center of your lace to the center of your apron. Attach with either Heat-n-Bond or pin in place.

No Sew: Once you attach the lace with Heat-n-Bond you are done! Try it on and be proud!

Sewing: Continue to step 7...

Step 7.) Sew lace in place.

All done! See...simple...easy peasy...and cheap! Now fill it with some clothespins, or whatever else you want and look super cute while working!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Time at the Ball Game

Sunday we were able to go with our church family to a OKC Red Hawks baseball game. We had so much fun watching the game and relaxing together with our family and friends. 

I decided to snap a few pictures of our family while we were there. Jack was being super cute standing on his chair with his hat backwards, holding his glove, and yelling at the players 'catch it!'. Perfect photo op right? Nope. I said 'say cheese Jack!'....and this was the face I got...

He has been so weird about pictures lately. He will sometimes half smile, but wont look at the camera. What a goober. Oh well...he still looks stinking cute with that face! 

Daddy decided to try to tickle him to get him to smile for a picture 

 It worked momentarily...but soon he was back to this...

...and this...

He did however, win fan of the game! Basically, when the camera is scrolling around the stands they pick out 3 different people and flash a video of them up on the screen...then every one in the crowd cheers for who they want to win. Jack was standing in his chair, with his sunglasses and hat on, holding his baseball glove, and waving at the camera. Way too cute! And of course...my adorable little guy won. :-) He was super excited that he had won a baseball. 

Luke simply chilled out the whole game with his best buddy in the entire world! I couldn't believe how relaxed and go with the flow he was! He looks so big in this picture...I can't believe he is turning one in a month! Ah!

 We even had really great seats...right behind home plate.

I am so thankful for a relaxing time spent with my precious family!

...and for this little goober! For a two year old he is way too funny! I can't wait to see what he is going to be like in the next few years...so much personality! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

I've Been Liebstered!

Today I am super excited to share with you that I have been given the Liebster Blog Award
This award is given by other bloggers to an up and coming blog with less than 200 followers. The word Liebster in German basically means beloved or dearest. Isn't that nice? ;-)

I was nominated by Danielle from Healing the Heaviness. Her blog is about her weight loss journey...it is both inspiring and motivating! She is so honest and open...I love that! She also shares healthy recipes and tips for your home. Definitely check it out!

My Photo

Here are the details of this award...

1. choose five up and coming blogs to give the award to. blogs must have less than 200 followers.
2. show your thanks to the blogger who gave the award to you by linking back to their page.
3. post the award on your blog.
4. list the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their blogs, and leav
e a comment on their blogs to let them they received the award.
5. share five random facts about yourself.

Here are my five nominations...

1.) Emily from S.A.H.M. i AM

I love her sweet blog and the fact that she is "embracing her inner radical homemaker"! She blogs about motherhood and living simply. Oh, and she used to live on a sailboat...how cool is that! I am also not completely jealous that she makes her own yogurt and bread.

2.) Amy from A Blossoming Life

She blogs about homemaking, frugal and simple living, and diy. Pretty much everything I love! She is even doing the "No Poo" thing!  Check out her blog to find recipes for making your own dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and lots more!

3.) Jen from Plain Vanilla Mom

There is definitely nothing plain or vanilla about Jen's blog! I absolutely love all of the fun ideas that she does with her boys. Especially the sensory ideas she comes up with for her littlest man! She also shares some absolutely delicious recipies.

4.) Ashleigh from Live Gorgeously

Ashleigh has a bunch of gorgeous DIY ideas for your home. She takes ordinary things and makes them extraordinarily gorgeous on a budget...love it! Plus she shares gorgeous looking recipes! ;-)

5.) Erica from The Cavanaugh's as Coloradans

Our Family

This last nomination is for my sisters blog...it is brand, brand, brand new...all of 5 posts. She is going to be blogging about adventures in Colorado, life, faith, and tons of DIY ideas for your home. Definitely worth check out and sticking around for!

Finally here are my five random facts...

1. I have four sisters. No brothers. (yes, my poor dad...he lived in the estrogen ocean on testosterone island!)

2. I rode horses and taught riding lessons as a teenager. I miss it. 

3. I got married to my hubby at 19. 

4. If I love a book I will read it 5,6,7,8 times and not get bored of it. (My husband finds this so bizarre) 

5. I used to love sushi but now hate it. Can't it eat. Sick every time. 

I hope you check out and enjoy the blogs above..I know I do! And thanks again Danielle...it made my week! 

No Poo 30 Day Challenge Week 4 Update

The day has come! 30 days is finally complete! It has gone by fast. So...after 30 days of not using any commercial shampoo or conditioner am I happy?

YES! I am incredibly happy with my hair! I have been wearing my hair curly every day for the last 30 days, however yesterday (Sunday), I  decided to try straightening it to see how it would look.

My hubby took these pics for me in the morning, with his camera phone, in our bathroom, with no windows...hence the lighting issues, and the fact that I look a little jaundiced. For whatever reason the pic of the back of my hair picked up much more light (maybe because it is angled down? I don't know). Any way...same room...same lighting...somehow they look like completely different pictures. As a matter of fact...my hair color is more of a mix between the two pictures...not completely one or the other. Next time I'll wait and get a good picture outside. Oh well...moving on...

I am so happy with my hair! I am already seeing my curls become more defined and less frizzy. It is still going to take a while for my hair to completely "heal" from all the damage I have done to it over the years (I am sure straightening it isn't going to help much either). Plus, when I straightened my hair I did not have to use any anti-frizz, straightening, or styling products! My hair came out super smooth, shiny, and soft! I could hardly believe it! 

Monday I decided to get my hair trimmed. I haven't had it cut in about six months, so it definitely needed it! I walk in, and the lady asks me if I would like it shampooed. I tell her no thanks and sit down in the chair. She starts to play with my hair and ask me what I want done...here is the conversation that follows...

Hair Stylist "Wow I love your hair. It is so soft! What shampoo are you using?"
Me "Ummm...actually I have not used shampoo in three weeks."
Hair Stylist looking just a tad confused "What was that?"
Me "umm...I have not used shampoo in three weeks."
Hair Stylist, eyes getting bigger "I'm sorry what did you say?"
Me..saying it just a bit louder "I have not used shampoo in three weeks."
Hair Stylist now looking at me like I am completely crazy "Okay...?"

Needless to say..it made my day. She had never in her life heard of some one doing something this crazy. I explained it all to her as she cut my hair. I didn't "win her over" with my no poo ways, but she also didn't argue against any of my reasons for not using shampoo. I laughed the whole way home. That poor lady. She really thought I had lost it. 

So here is how my week went..

Week 4 Update...Days 22-30

Saturday- Washed my hair yet again. Already feeling greasy since yesterday. I still blame that hair repair recipe. Pretty positive I got it all out this time. Used way too much Baking Soda to remove all of it and dried out my scalp. (Note: if you are having a hard time with an itchy, dry scalp, just adjust the amount of baking soda you are using.)

Sunday- No wash. Hair looks great and feels great. Not oily or greasy. 

Monday- Did not shampoo. Got my hair cut. She simply sprayed it down with water to cut it. I fixed it curly after. It looked amazing!!! So beyond happy today! 

Tuesday- Hair still looking awesome. I lightly wet it down with water from a spray bottle in the morning to reset the curls. Works perfect. 

Wednesday- Washed hair. I think I have finally found the perfect amount of baking soda/ vinegar mixture that works for me!
-1 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup water. Mix up in a bottle and use half of this for one washing. 
-1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water. Mix up in a bottle and pour a decent amount on ends of hair. Do not wash out. 

Thursday- No Wash. Still sooooo happy!

Friday- No wash. Yup...looking good. Wore my hair up today just because. Curls still look great. 

Saturday-Washed hair. Straightened hair. Hair looks amazing. So soft and healthy. 

Sunday- No wash. Hair still straight. Got lots of compliments today :-)

That is it my friends! The end of my 30 day experiment! This is no longer an experiment for me, but a lifestyle. I cannot see my self ever going back to shampoo again! The thought makes me cringe! 

Best bonuses since changing to "No Poo" (gotta think of a more permanent name for it!)...
                                 -Hair is less oily. 
                                 -Curls are more defined.
                                 - Holds a "style" easier
                                 - Less frizz (not completely gone yet, but definitely less. This will take time.)
                                  -Softer hair 

If you are just hearing about "No Poo" for the first time check out my other posts...
"No Poo" 30 Day Challenge -What does going "Poo" free mean?

Some additional thoughts....

I have read that some people can not get this method to work for them. If you find yourself hating this method, but still want a more natural way to clean your hair, then check out Frugally Sustainable's Etsy store! She sells "shampoo" bar soaps" that would be an awesome alternative! I have never tried them myself...but I decided that if this method didn't work for me that I was going to give them a try. Or if you are really adventurous she gives you a tutorial on how to make your own

Remember, that everyone's hair is different. What works for me, may not be perfect for you. Take some time and experiment with it. Hair too dry? Cut down on baking soda and increase your vinegar. Hair too oily? You may need to increase your baking soda, and only put a little bit of vinegar on your ends. Also, don't forget about the transition period...your hair will have excess oil for a bit, but it will pass! 

I love that this is another way to simplify my life, cut down on costs, and live naturally. 

So how has your hair been doing? Are you enjoying going "poo" free? Thinking about starting the 30 day challenge?  Leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you! 

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