"For I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in You...You make it Beautiful Somehow"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Years

Two years ago we were blessed with this precious little guy...

and now...

...he is growing up and becoming a little boy. I love to watch him learn and grow. To wake up each morning to his little face in front of mine whispering "mama..juice...". To snuggle with him and read "The Big Red Barn" for the fourth time that day. To play cars, and dinosaurs, and blocks all at the same time. To play hide and seek and listen to him ask his daddy "where go?". To hear him yell at the top of his lungs "Pana!!!!" every time he spots a panda bear some where. To see him bring his little brother a pacy and blanket when he is crying. To watch him eat the ketchup off of his plate before anything else. To watch him jump off the couch onto his daddy with no fear of falling. To listen to him pray at the dinner table then watch him throw his hands in the air and say "amen!"

Every single moment with this little guy is so precious. And I wake up every morning and fall more and more in love with him.!

Thanks again to my wonderful sister Erica for taking these amazing photos!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My 9 Month Long Project- COMPLETE!

I have been super busy lately...and have finally finished up my nine month long project :-)
He is cuddly, soft, and so incredibly precious!

Big brother loves his "baby!" as he calls him. I feel so incredibly blessed to be the mommy to these two precious boys.

My wonderful sister took these pictures for me when baby brother was only 4 days old :-) She is so talented!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Eggs

Today we...colored Easter eggs!

This was Jack's first time to color eggs.

He was so fascinated and excited about the whole process. He kept saying "bath"! (He thought the eggs were taking a bath)

He loved using the egg scooper to take the eggs out and drop the new eggs in.

Our eggs!

Jack actually put on all of the stickers. He did a great job of putting the eyes and mouth in the right area!

We had so much fun! Jack now just wants to play with all of the eggs.

He looks so serious in the picture on the right....he is trying desperately to restrain himself from touching the eggs and look at mommy for his picture. Hahaha!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ring Bearer Bow Ties

Here is one more project that I have been working on lately...

Jack is going to be one of the three ring bearers in my sister's upcoming June wedding. S0 she asked me if I could make the bow ties for the boys. Like I have mentioned before, her colors are yellow and orange- LOVE IT! So we went to the store and picked out some adorable orange and yellow fabrics.

This bow tie is Jacks. He looks so adorable in it! The small bow is for his puppy dog. My sister and her fiance requested that instead of pillows with the rings on them, that each of the boys carry their favorite stuffed animal down the aisle.

Pup pup (as Jack calls him) is looking very handsome in his matching bow tie!

So I made an extra matching bow tie for each boy's favorite stuffed animal to wear. Too cute!

(this is Jack saying cheese while trying to smile...what a goober!!!)

Here is my little man all dressed up for that big day. Not only are the boys wearing these adorable bow ties but they also each have a different color suspenders!

If you want to make a bow tie for your own little man visit Prudent Baby's Blog and check out her bow tie tutorial that I used to make these bow ties.

I started out using the measurements that the tutorial calls for, but found the bow tie too big for my little guy. After adjusting it a bit I finally got it just right. I also used velco for the closure...it's what I had on hand :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Truly a Little Miracle

It is truly an amazing thing to me, that a precious little miracle goes from this...

(My 5 Week sonogram picture)

To this...

(My 33 week sonogram picture)
in just a matter of months!

God is so good! Can't wait to meet our new little guy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bridesmaids Clutches

A lot, a lot, A LOT has been going on at our house lately! With things only going to get busier rather than slower!

We found out about two weeks ago that we are going to be moving out of our apartment. We are very excited to move, but the whole packing and unpacking business...not so excited about! Especially since we will be moving 2 weeks before this baby is born!

So between packing, baby dr appointments which are now every two weeks (and will go to every week here shortly), taking care of a little one, keeping the house organized and livable while packing, and helping hubby with our normal ministry stuff, I have managed to find some time to sew...

believe it or not :-)

My sister asked me a little while back to help her with her bridesmaids gifts. She wanted to do something special and unique with a little handmade touch.

After I showed her this tutorial over at Noodlehead, she asked if I could help her make them. Being the wonderful sister I am... ;-)
I agreed.

We had so much fun picking out all of the different fabrics at the store together. All of the colors basically match the color scheme of her wedding= yellow & orange, with touches of purple and red (super colorful!!!) I love how they turned out!

I have been dying for an excuse to try the tutorial and this project definitely gave me tons of practice! All in all it took me two nights to put these little beauties together. Not too bad! I really thought it would take much longer! But the tutorial is very simple and easy to follow, plus she has step by step pictures that really help.

The inside even has two credit card pouches and a divider to keep all of your little odds and ends organized.

This one is mine! I love the yellow fabric! And the orange zipper that matches the accent fabric is so fun.

And this one is for the bride :-) I just couldn't leave her out of it!

This one is another one of my favorites...I love the yellow and blueish/purpleish (probably not words...hahaha) fabric combination!

It was actually hard deciding for myself which one I wanted...they are all so pretty! I am definitely going to have to make more for myself...they are pretty addicting!

...and if you are one of Erica's other bridesmaids and you see this post...just pretend you didn't, and that you have no clue what she is giving for presents :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Shower

This past weekend I had the privilege of co-hosting, with my mother, a wedding shower for my sister and her fiance. I was thrilled to be able to help...and especially to decorate for it! For weeks I have been collecting ideas and supplies and couldn't wait to see how it all came together!

So here it is...a colorful, vintagey (probably not a word), backyard wedding shower...

One of my favorite parts of the decorations was all of the photos of the happy couple strung everywhere. It made it very special and personal.

The cards in the box are recipe cards that I downloaded from here for free!
It is amazing all of the free printables you can find out in the blog world!

We have been collecting jars for months as well that will also be used in the wedding for table settings. I love all the different colors and shapes!

This garland was another favorite of mine! Several months ago I grabbed a bag of fabric at the thrift store...and inside that bag was about 200 of these 2" squares already pre-cut! Obviously originally intended for a quilt but I decided to go another route. I left all of the edges raw and simply sewed them end to end to make 4 different strands of garland. It looks like a lot of work but lucky for me some one else had already done the hard part!

I love the way the backyard turned out! So colorful and fun!

All of the table cloths and fabric we used were also found at thrift stores! (and all of the vases and frames too for that matter!)

It was such a wonderful time spent with family and friends celebrating the new family my sister and her fiance will be starting!

Congratulations Erica and Matt! We love you!
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