"For I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in You...You make it Beautiful Somehow"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Life In Pictures

Being a mom is hard.

Boy is that the understatement of the century.

Life can get tough being a mom to three under four. There are times I want to cry, scream, or lock myself in the bathroom for just one moment of quiet. My hair is rarely fixed and most days I stay in my pajamas.

Just keeping it real people.

My life may be exhausting and crazy at times. But I couldn't be more thankful to be living it. Who am I that I would be so blessed to live this life?

My life in pictures...

yep totally worth it all.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lil Miss Vintage

We have been staying wonderfully busy here at home.  Life is slowly settling into a rhythm and I am loving every moment of it! I do plan on getting back to posting regularly hopefully here soon. I definitely miss it.

In the mean time though, I have picked up a new little fun hobby by making and selling all kinds of goodies! I do still have my etsy store where I sell quiet books, but I recently started selling headbands, hair ties, clips, bows, bow ties, and embellished burp cloths with my friend Sam over at a little shop on facebook called Lil Miss Vintage!

Here are a few things I have made up recently...

So hop on over and LIKE our shop so you can keep up with all the new goodies we will be posting! When we reach 200 LIKEs I will be doing a fun give away!!

My sweet Charlotte modeling one of my headbands. Can't believe how blessed I am to be this sweet little girl's momma!

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