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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What We Did Today

Today was a Snow Day!
We slept in, ate some home made pancakes, stayed in our pajamas and watched Caillou most of the morning.
It was wonderfully relaxing!

This is what it looked like today where we live...

Looks lovely right?

Wonderful deep, powdery snow...perfect to spend the day playing in and building a snow man!

yah...not so much!!!
While the picture looks like it is a perfect day to play in the snow, the reality of it is much different! The high today was right around 8 degrees! And the wind chill made it feel about -17! In addition to the freezing temps, the wind just about knocks you right over when you try to go outside.

We attempted to play outside this morning. We got all bundled up with heavy coats, hats and boots. We even made it out to the front of the apartments when Jack fell face first into the snow and started crying. It was so incredibly sad!
The snow was way too deep for him to play in, let alone even walk in. His face was beat red from the freezing temps, and the wind made it hard to see.

We immediately went back inside!

Jack was very happy to be back inside, but very sad that he couldn't play in the snow.

Our solution...

We brought the snow inside to us!!

We played in it with our bare hands at first, and talked about how snow is cold and wet.

Jack liked the cold and wet feeling for just a bit...

But he soon wanted gloves!

Then we made some snow balls. You can tell from the pictures he is concentrating very hard...hehehe

He loved playing with the snow!

After playing with the snow for quite awhile, we put the bowl in the sink and I showed Jack how the snow "disappears" when you put water over it.

This was such a fun activity, and a great alternative for those days that aren't very good snow days!

What did you do today?

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