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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedding Shower

This past weekend I had the privilege of co-hosting, with my mother, a wedding shower for my sister and her fiance. I was thrilled to be able to help...and especially to decorate for it! For weeks I have been collecting ideas and supplies and couldn't wait to see how it all came together!

So here it is...a colorful, vintagey (probably not a word), backyard wedding shower...

One of my favorite parts of the decorations was all of the photos of the happy couple strung everywhere. It made it very special and personal.

The cards in the box are recipe cards that I downloaded from here for free!
It is amazing all of the free printables you can find out in the blog world!

We have been collecting jars for months as well that will also be used in the wedding for table settings. I love all the different colors and shapes!

This garland was another favorite of mine! Several months ago I grabbed a bag of fabric at the thrift store...and inside that bag was about 200 of these 2" squares already pre-cut! Obviously originally intended for a quilt but I decided to go another route. I left all of the edges raw and simply sewed them end to end to make 4 different strands of garland. It looks like a lot of work but lucky for me some one else had already done the hard part!

I love the way the backyard turned out! So colorful and fun!

All of the table cloths and fabric we used were also found at thrift stores! (and all of the vases and frames too for that matter!)

It was such a wonderful time spent with family and friends celebrating the new family my sister and her fiance will be starting!

Congratulations Erica and Matt! We love you!

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