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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ombre Dresser

Here is another project that I have had finished for Charlotte's room for a little while now: Ombre Dresser. After seeing this post from Decor 8 with the Ombre DIY Dresser, I knew I wanted to copy it for Charlotte's room!

I had been looking for a small dresser for Charlotte's room for just a little while, and was so excited when I found the perfect little wood dresser at the thrift store for only $20!

I was going to do exactly like Decor 8 suggests by getting paint samples and painting each drawer a color from a swatch I liked. Their dresser is in Apricot shades and I decided to go with more of a pink/coral color. Well I found the perfect coral swatch at walmart but found out they don't sell paint samples. And any one who knows me well, knows that when I start a project I want to finish it quickly. I hate wait. So I decided instead of trying to find a Lowes or something around us I would just grab some Apple Barrell paint that matched the darkest color perfectly, and add white to lighten to the other shades. I didn't end up with the *perfect* shades but I got really close. Plus the paint only cost me $2 total. Awesome!

So here is my final result...

 (Please attempt to ignore our floor...it currently has concrete and some temporary carpet)

I am so pleased with how it turned out! I think the colors fade perfectly into each other, yet each one stands out. I am contemplating replacing the knobs with some glass looking ones, but am not completely sure yet.

Once the drawers had dried I lined them with some contact paper, moved the dresser into Charlotte's room, and promptly added a few cute and cuddly baby girl clothes...

Gah! Aren't those baby socks too cute!!!! I can't wait to fill the rest of the dresser with girly goodness!

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