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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pom Poms, Pillows, and Passing Things Down

I have been having so much fun putting together all of the small touches in Charlotte's nursery. My newest crush: Pom poms!  After using them on my Lamp redo I have been thinking of all other places I can add them!

So, pom pom trim for a pillow? Absolutely!!!

This pillow was extremely easy to make and only took about 15 minutes to finish. I have been holding on to this vintage floral mint green fabric for forever, just waiting for the perfect time to use it. It goes perfectly in Charlotte's nursery! I bought the pink pom pom trim at Hancocks on sale, and stuffed it with left over stuffing from other projects. This pillow cost me only $1.50 to make!

For a good tutorial on making your own pillow covers check out...
The Sweet Survival: Sew a Pillow with Piping
E Tells Tales: Big Bow Pillow Tutorial
Teal and Lime: Envelope Pillow Tutorial

I just love those little pom poms! Luke loves them too and calls them balls...he has tried his hardest to remove them already. Ha!

For right now this pillow's home is on this adorable little wooden chair, next to Charlotte's toy cradle and baby dolls. I love being able to pass things that were mine, onto my baby girl. The doll, teddy bear, and cradle were all mine as a little girl. I am still debating on wether or not I want to sand down and repaint the cradle and the chair...not too sure yet.

I actually have at least one, maybe two or three more projects where I can see myself adding more pom pom trim. :-) I'm telling you....totally in love with the pom poms!

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  1. Don't sand it down. It has charm. You don't want to lose that. I sanded down my hubby's old rocker and I wish I hadn't.


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