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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Packing and Sorting Through The Mess!

Our little family sure has been a busy one lately! Our summers are usually packed with 2 church camps, Upwards basketball camp, Revival, and Vacation Bible school. But then add in the fact that I am pregnant and we are moving states and the summer becomes that much more hectic.

Thankfully I am over morning sickness and feeling more like myself. Praise God! Packing the house has begun, and I feel like I am living in the middle of a disaster area! I am the kind of person that is able to relax best when things are clean and basically tidy. So living in a house that looks like mine does now...is not so peaceful.

 I have been working to declutter and remove as many unnecessary items from our home. I am shocked to find that we have a lot of stuff. Not stuff that we need, just stuff stuff.  Letting go of things has not been easy for me. I tend to think...but maybe in the future some time we just might need this! But I have set my mind to it and decided that anything that has not been used, worn, enjoyed, or played with in the past 6 months is going. I am working to sell and donate as much as I can and hopefully pare down our items to what we really need and love. I think in the end that will make for a more easy to keep and peaceful home when we move. 

My boys have a lot of toys. I'm not even positive how we have accumulated so many. There are many toys we have decided to donate. But there are still quite a few very nice toys that special friends or family have given to us that I just wouldn't feel right getting rid of. So I decided to pack up two boxes full of toys. One would go to my parent's house and one would go to my In-laws house. This way we are able to still keep the toys and they get a new life at Grandma and Grandpa's house! 

So for the next two weeks I will be doing lots of this...yep that is what my house really looks like at this moment. Disaster area!!!


  1. You made the right decision with your kids’ toys, Lorissa. It’s good news for them that you put all their favorite stuff in two separate boxes. Every single toy that our kids own is special to them, and sometimes, they would just freak out and cry once they noticed that one or two of their toys are missing. Anyway, I suppose all your packing and unpacking days are done and that you already moved to your new home, so congratulations!

    Ericka Muldowney

    1. Thank you Ericka! Yes we are all moved and thankfully unpacked. I am finding my boys play so much longer now that they have less choices. They seem to thoroughly enjoy the few toys they have instead of being overwhelmed by so many choices. Oh and they have not missed one of the toys we got rid of or sent to the grandparents house! :-)

  2. Good job on the whole packing process, Lorissa. You were clearly so organized, and in all fairness, donating majority of your unused items instead of throwing them away is a very kind thing to do. =) I’m glad that you had a peaceful unpacking when you moved, and thankfully, you guys did not lose a single possession.

    Erik Littles


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