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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Forever Felt Ball Flowers

I have been keeping busy lately making a few odds and ends items for Charlotte's nursery. Here is just one of the little projects that I have finished.

Felt Ball Flowers

I have seen the felt ball flower idea in a few different nurseries on Pinterest and loved the idea! I find them very simple, sweet, and kind of whimsical. You can buy felt ball flowers already made on Etsy, but I am more of a diy girl, so I made a quick run to Hobby Lobby. I found a package of premade felt balls for just a few dollars on clearance and picked up the green pipe cleaners to be the stems. I used a needle to put a small hole in one end of the felt ball, squirted in a dab of hot glue and stuck the pipe cleaner to it. Tada! All done.

Now, if you want to really diy, you can make the felt balls yourself! Jump on over to Lil Blue Boo for her tutorial on how to make your own felt balls. It is surprisingly easy! Plus you can make them in any color or size you want.

These flowers would be a beautiful addition to really any room in your home. Mix and match colors like I did or go with a single color. You can use pipe cleaners or even colored wire. Make small or large balls. Get creative and add some beautiful color to you home!

oh and...we are now 27 Weeks! Ah! 3rd Trimester!


  1. You look great! I wish I looked that good at 27 weeks. :) I don't even look that good at 7 weeks. LOL


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