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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Preview: Service

I have been sharing for a little while now about our family's journey to Houston to help plant a multicultural church. It has been almost a full year in the process for us, and over a year in the making for several of the other families on our team. In May 3 of the 4 families on our team moved to Houston, and we soon joined in August. This past summer has been full of community outreach and making personal and meaningful connections with families in Pearland.

After so much planning, anticipation, and hard work, we were thrilled to hold our very first Preview Service. Now that term may sound a little funny to some so I will explain what it means. A preview Service is just that...a preview of what your normal church service will look and function like. It is a chance to work out any kinks and to help figure out how to make things operate smoothly. You treat it just like a normal service but it gives us a chance to fine tune everything before the "official launch" of the church.

We had 33 people in attendace at our very first preview service. We had several friends and family show up to support us, as well as a few families from the community that we had met. It was so exciting to see the vision that God has put in front of us actually coming together!

We were able to hold our service at an event center at a park. Here is a little of what our Service looked like:

This was a few hours before the service started. Every one getting set up and sound checking. The location was perfect! We are praying that it will be open to us on a weekly basis when we launch the Church this January.

Our nursery all set up for the little ones.

The two and three year old class having their lesson time. We also had a good group of 5 kids for our older class that Chad and I taught, as well as 4 other little ones in the nursery section. We have been blessed with lots of little ones already.

We are all very excited about our next preview service coming up in November. Continue to pray for our team as we work even harder to reach out to the community of Pearland and make deep connections with families. We are so excited to see what God has in store for Pearland and Advance Church!


  1. Looks great! God for you two setting up this Church. The work you do for the Lord will be rewarded...but you know this. :)


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