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Saturday, April 24, 2010

And He Played With The Box!

Parents go through a lot of trouble to pick out just the perfect present for their little one. The perfect birthday present...the perfect Christmas present. You look and look and look until you find it...the PERFECT present...sure to thrill your precious child!

You wrap it up all fancy in special wrapping paper with a big bow, then excitedly present it to your child to open. You watch as your child squeals in delight, they tear apart that fancy wrapping paper and utterly destroy the bow you so carefully tied. They finally get to the toy...they jump up and down in delight...squealing even louder now. The exact reaction that you had been waiting for. They tear open the box the toy came in...play with the toy for about a minute..

then toss it aside and play with the box it came in instead...for hours!

it never seems to fail....babies and kids alike are so fascinated with the most simple of things.

And my son is no exception!

He spotted this box in his bedroom the other day and immediately was drawn to it...he played with it, on it, and in it for a good hour and a half!

I really do love that he wanted to play with it though...I think things like this are great to help develop a child's imagination.

I finally put him inside of it and began pushing him around the living room in it like it was a race car....and...


he was squealing and laughing like crazy...and when I would stop he would do this cute little grunt as if to say 'do it again mommy!'

So I started thinking...how cute it would be to actually make it into a race car for Jack. -now I am sure that at nine months Jack probably doesn't care if it actually looks like a car...just as long as I still push him around in it...but I just couldn't resist!

So I decided to make a slip cover to go over the box that would resemble a race car....

The front of the car has a bumper... and big head lights...

and the sides have tires and racing stripes :-)

Vroom Vroom! Go Jack!

I decided to add a pocket on the inside of the car to hold Jack's toys...after all you can't go driving with out your dinosaur buddy by your side!

I am still planning on adding a steering wheel to the inside so he can pretend to drive the car. I also may eventually take the bottom out (when he gets too big to sit in it) and add straps to go over his shoulders so he can stand up and pretend to race the car :-)

So go grab a box and let your little one's imagination go wild!


  1. that is amazing thinking! you are an inspiration to parents everywhere, esp here in SE MO.

  2. Riss, God has blessed you with such awesome creativity! I love the fact that you do so much for your family. I'm proud of you and love you, Mom


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