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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

I am definitely my mother's daughter!

My mom loves to fix up her home. She loves to make it feel cozy, comfortable, happy, full of sunshine, and color. Growing up, our home was constantly re-decorated, re-organized, and re-arranged. Every few months at least one room, if not more, in the house would get a bit of a revamp. Whether it was moving furniture, re-arranging pictures on the wall, or actually painting the walls something was being done to our house.

I love that about my mom!
and I do have to say that I did inherit that need for change...or maybe it is just an ability to see how something would look better if I just painted it...added new pillows...or re-arranged it...

either way I have definitely been in that mood lately! My home desperately needs a little spring brought to it! I am tired of dark winter colors and am craving some bright, sunny, and springy (maybe it is a word?) colors!

Well that fabulous mother of mine was shopping the other day and spotted some beautiful springy fabric...and better yet...it was on sale. So being the fabulous mom she is...she picked it up and brought it to me when she visited a few weeks ago.

My kitchen is mostly red...but I have been feeling lately like it would benefit greatly from a little bit of yellow. So when my mom showed me the fabric she bought I was thrilled! It was absolutely PERFECT! One was yellow and white striped and the other was a yellow floral print.

So with my mom by my side...power tools in hand...and sewing machine ready to go...we gave my kitchen just a quick little face lift...

Here is the Before pic...

and here is the AFTER...

What a difference a little color makes right?!?! I am so thrilled!

I recovered the chairs, made a table runner, added some candles, and made a cover for the microwave stand.

My previous red chairs...

...are now bringing some spring into my kitchen!

a new table runner and some awesome candle holders that I found at the thrift store...all three for only $5!!! Oh YEAH!

Next on my to do list...find some beautiful fabric to make pillows that will take my dark green leather couches from feeling cozy winteryish (definitely NOT a word) to light and springy!

P.S. A special thank you to my mom- Thank you for always making our house a home! You are such an amazing mother and godly woman. You truly are one of my best friends and my hero! I love you mom!

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  1. neat. My grandmother use to redo her house.....her living room became a bedroom, bedroom became a dining room......I always hated that but I like changing a room up once a year or something like that.


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