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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Shower Curtain

My new shower curtain! My poor bathroom has been desperately needing a little bit of color in it...it has only had a very sad plastic curtain on for the last eight months!

So after finding this fabulous blog , I looked back through her posts and found this tutorial on how to make a patchwork shower curtain. I immediately fell in love with her curtain! Her fabric choices are gorgeous!

So I began to dig though my stash to make one for my self. I love how she even gives you advice on how to choose different fabrics for the patchwork style.

I ended up picking mostly purples and yellows...figuring it would bring a little Spring to my bathroom :-) Then to break it up a little I added some blue and a tiny bit of black.

(You can't really tell in the pic...but the almost white looking fabric is really purple and white stripes)

The best thing about this curtain...

...it cost me $0!

Yup that's right!

All of the fabric I used was GIVEN to me!
(So a special thanks to my mom and Lisa Key for being so wonderful to give me the fabric that made my shower curtain possible!)

In her tutorial she even gives you the exact measurements for each block...which made it oh so easy to cut out and assemble!

So check out the tutorial and try it for yourself :-)

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