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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

This year I have decided to attempt to decorate for the holidays. I normally decorate for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but I have never decorated for holidays like Valentines, Easter, Fourth of July, ect.

I do remember, however, when I was growing up that my mom decorated for just about every holiday. I loved that! I want to be able to do the same for my children.

So I have been searching the blog world for different inexpensive ideas to decorate my house for Valentines day. Might I just say, that there are sooooo many creative and beautiful ideas out there!

Here is the first idea that I gave a try...

Hugs and Kisses Garland.

Now I did not find this exact idea any where online. It is more a mixture of several different ideas out there.

You can find tutorials for different kinds of Valentine's Garland...
here, here, here, here, and here.

So here is how to make your own Hugs and Kisses Garland for Valentines!

What you will need...
1. Scrapbook or colored paper
2. X, O, and heart templates
3. Scissors
4. Sewing Machine

How to...

1. Get on your computer and print off a large X and O to use as a template. Make them any size you choose- I just went with the largest possible. If you can find clip art of a heart print that off too (if not you can just free hand one)

2. Cut out your letters.

3. Pick out different printed and plain paper you would like to use. I used all scrapbook paper.

4. Trace templates onto colored paper and cut out. I used 5 different sheets and did an X, O, and heart out of each color.

5. Arrange X, O, and hearts in a way that is pleasing to you. I did an XOheart pattern. But you could do an XOXOheart, or a completely random pattern.

6. Get to sewing! You can use any color thread that you would like; red, white, pink, invisible, etc. I just used red since it was already in my machine. Next sew your pieces together one right after another. Make sure to leave some thread at the beginning and end so you can hang it.

This project cost me $4 and only took about 20 minutes to complete!
I LOVE cheap and easy projects!

Are you decorating for Valentines this year? Give it a try!

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