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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where Have I Been?

So I have been mia from here for the past...oh...six months or so! I definitely did not plan to just up and disappear, but sometimes life just happens like that. After my last post back in June I figured life would slow down just a bit. But I was wrong, wrong, wrong! After our VBS and Revival week at church, we then had two weeks of camp that were just about back to back. Our son Jack had his first birthday, and we went on vacation with my family for a week. It was a really fast paced and busy summer! Wonderful, just busy!

Then just when things were finally starting to slow down and return to normal we found out in September that we are expecting our second child! We are extremely happy and excited to be adding another member to our little family. Riley Grace Kearbey is due May 29th, 2011 (just 5 days before I need to be in Texas for my sisters wedding!). I am very excited to start sewing more girly things....dresses and bows....I can't wait! So after a lovely 12 weeks of morning....scratch that...ALL DAY sickness and not being able to pick my self up off the couch I was finally feeling better.

Then...the holidays :-) This year my husband and I did a Christmas play with our kiddos at church. I made all 25 costumes! Talk about a labor of love. All free time was put into completing the costumes on time. Thankfully the costumes were all done in time and the kids did a wonderful job. We were so proud of all their hard work!

I finally have some free time now that summer, camps, vacation, morning sickness, and the holidays are over. I have already started on several new little projects and can't wait to share with you all what I have been up to lately.

I am redoing my living room walls. I need more color! We have dark green leather couches, and up until recently I have stuck to decorating with browns and reds to go with them. However, I have decided to become just a little more brave and add more color to brighten up our living room.

Here is a look at a few of the things I have added to my walls...

My mom helped me with this one...I painted the frame and picked out the fabric in the background, but my wonderful mom put it all together for me :-) She cut out the flower from pages from an old book and started gluing. I LOVE how it turned out! Thanks mom!
(after looking at this pic I realize it needs a few touch ups!)

So the picture for this one is kind of dark so you can't really tell that the frame for this one is actually navy blue not black (that is what you get when you use an iphone to take a pic at night!)
Any way...the background for this pic is actually a really beautiful yellow and cream crocheted doily that my Grandmother made. I have had the K for a long time but it has always been gold; I like the white much better now! Once again my mom helped me with this one. She simply staple gunned the doily to the back of the frame and to the K. Super easy!

This is a mirror I found at the thrift store for only $9 :-) I have been wanting a mirror like this for a while now and was excited when I found it. It does have a flaw sadly...the left bottom side of the spindle is broken off. I think I may eventually just find a way to remove the spindles from both sides. Not sure how to do that yet so in the mean time I painted it white and hung it up. It is just too pretty not to hang it up.
And now...the picture that inspired my living room redo...

My mom painted this for me! Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!! I love love love it! It is a palette knife painting so it has tons of wonderful texture to it. I am still working on quite a few more things for my walls, so this redo is not done by any means! When I have it all done I will take a pic of each completed wall so you can see how it has come together.

I am excited about this new year and all that is to come!

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