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Friday, January 7, 2011

Love One Another

Here is another something I made the other day to add more color to my living room

(sorry for the glare on the pic, I just could not get rid of it!)

I have been inspired by a lot of the subway art that I have seen recently...

here, here, and here are a few I really liked.

However, being just black and white did not fulfill my color need. So, I decided to go a slightly different route.

Here is how to make your own...

1. Paint your canvas...any size canvas and any color you choose

2. Choose what you want it to say. I decided to keep it sweet and simple "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"

3. Next I measured out the canvas' height and width to determine how tall and wide each letter should be, so that everything would fit just right. My letters are 5" tall x 2" wide each.

4. Next you will want to print your letters off on your computer to use as a template, or simply free hand them like I did mine (when you don't have a printer you do what you gotta do!). Cut them out.

5. Pick out fabric that you want to use for your letters. If I did this project again though, I would use printed scrapbook paper instead of fabric- this way you have sharp clean edges. The fabric tends to fray just a bit and doesn't look as clean. Plus the dark blue paint kinda shows through on the lighter fabrics.

6. Trace paper templates onto fabric or scrapbook paper and cut them out.

7. Grab your handy dandy Modge Podge and a paint brush. Brush a coat of Modge Podge onto the canvas.

8. Place your words onto the canvas, lightly pressing down. Then cover with a layer of Modge Podge over the entire canvas.

And you are done....let it dry, hang it up, and admire your work!

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