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Monday, January 17, 2011


Getting Organized For 2011

One of my long term goals for this year is to become more organized, more organized in our life and in our home.

After finding the blog Money Saving Mom,
getting my life organized will be just a little easier!

Let me start out by stating just why I love this blog so much...it has daily schedules, chore charts, and cleaning lists- among a ton of other amazing stuff. You can either download (for free!) the schedules they already have filled out or you can customize them yourself!


The Daily Docket is the first form I am going to download and print out...it has everything! Even a place to check off Bible reading, exercise, and even how many glasses of water you drank that day (great for a pregnant woman who needs to make sure she gets her eight glasses of water a day!)

I am so excited about getting my day more organized, and ultimately being more productive through out the day!!!

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