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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Croc-a-gator ABC Game

We are in the process of learning our ABC's. Jack has the song down pat, and now we are moving onto letter identification. The game below is actually one I remember playing with my own mom when I was little. Jack and I named it...The Croc-a-gator ABC Game

This game will allow your child to: 

-properly identify their letters
-practice gross motor skills
-engage in dramatic/imaginative play

What You Need:  

-Construction Paper
-2 Pillows
-a "croc-a-gator" and a snake (or any other stuffed animals of your choice)

Have your little one place their foot on the paper and trace around it on each page. Write one letter of the alphabet inside each foot print. We only did a-g...but you could do as many as you like. Next, lay your pages down in order. Place one pillow at the front as a starting point and one at the end as a finishing point. 

-Child must jump to the correct letter when called out. Ex- mom calls out 'a' child must hop to the correct page with the letter 'a'. 
-If you jump to the wrong letter the crocodile 'gets you' (I have it tickle him) and you have to start over at the beginning. 
-Get to the end before the crocodile catches up and you win! 

Jack was a bit confused. Mommy told him this was an crocodile...but he kept saying it croc-a-gator. It was pretty cute. 
Our "croc-a-gator" guarding his territory.

Hurry Jack! Find the letter 'C'!!!

Oh no! Even worse than the 'croc-a-gator' is the snake! Be careful Jack! 

You're surrounded! Hurry find the letter 'E'! (The more dramatic I was...the more Jack loooooved it!)

He was so funny. I told him to look for the letter 'E' and he put his hand to his forehead searching for the right one.

After a while we really got into the acting part of it...he started saying 'oh no! A croc-a-gator and snake! I'm scared!'

Finally we reached the end! 

After we played the game about a dozen times Jack decided to befriend the 'croc-a-gator' and team up with him against the evil snake. 

He kept saying 'momma, he is my best friend!'. He now sleeps with him every night. Ha! 

This game is great since you can change it up every time you play. You can add in new letters once your little one masters a set. You can put them in order or make them random. You can put them in a line, like we did, or spread them out randomly around the room. You can trace momma's foot too and put capital letters on those and have your little one match up the big and little letter pairs. As Jack learns to identify each letter we will change it up and make it a bit more difficult. 

So grab a few fun stuffed animals and get dramatic learning your ABC's!

 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13


  1. I LOVE this!! I can't wait to try it on my two girls, who are 5 and 3. They have a huge alligator that would be perfect!! I love your blog.

  2. This is great!! Such a cute idea and I know my boys would love it!


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