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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vanilla and Chamomile Bath Fizzies

This year I decided to make Mother's day presents. I wanted to make something that would be unique, and pamper my mother and mother-in-law. My mom has Fibromyalgia. Because of this, she is in a lot of pain. Constantly. She is the strongest woman I have ever met, you will never hear her complaining about being in pain. She goes about her day, serving her family, and never makes excuses. She is amazing. (Note to God: Please make me even half the woman my mother is.) She enjoys taking baths since they help to relax her muscles. So, I decided that something to put in the bath to aide in her relaxation would be perfect. I searched several different things...bath salts, bath bombs, etc. I finally came upon a post for making your own bath fizzies by Jacinda of Growing Home. I loved the idea of scented bath fizzies, and knew it would be perfect for my mom. These would give off a relaxing scent and moisturize her skin as well. 

Want to make some for yourself? The thing I love about making these...I already had everything I needed in my pantry!

Here is what you need....

4 tbsp of Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Cream of Tartar
4 tbsp Baking Soda
2 tbsp Flour
2 Packets of Vanilla Chamomile Tea

(Jacinda used Cornflour to give her fizzies a more golden color. So if you have cornflour on hand, go with that. I think it would be beautiful. She also says to use dried Chamomile flowers or 2 tea bags of 100% chamomile tea. I think that would give it a stronger smell, in a good way. I only had the vanilla chamomile on hand. But the smell is just as wonderful! Use what you have on hand and experiment with smells. Dried lavender or peppermint would be great too! I think you could even experiment with using essential oils.) 

I doubled the recipe in order to make enough to fill a pint jar. You can double, triple, or even quadruple the recipe to make the amount you need. 

Place all your dry ingredients into a bowl and whisk together. 

Add in the melted coconut oil 1/2 tbsp at a time, stirring as you go. You may not need to use all 4 tbsp of coconut oil. I found that I only needed around 3-31/2 one time around and closer to 4 the other time I made it. If it ends up being too wet add in equal amounts of flour and cream of tartar till it reaches the desired consistency. If it is too dry and crumbles add in 1/4 tbsp of oil till it is smooth. You want it to be a bit like silly putty (just a little wetter). If it is too slimy and sticky add more flour and cream of tartar.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper, and roll into a smooth ball then flatten onto a baking sheet. I did not use wax paper, and after the mix hardened it was hard to get off.

Here is where you can get as creative as you want. You can use a cookie cutter to create different shapes. You can also simply shape them with your hands into flat circles or squares. I tried using a small cookie cutter, but it had a lot of detail on the edges and I could not get it to come apart with out ruining the design. So experiment and find out what works for you. I think a heart shape, like Jacinda used in her post, would be much easier to work with. 

Once you have your shapes cut out, place in the fridge to harden. This takes about 30 minutes tops. 

I decided to lay my mix out flat and let it harden in the fridge. Then I simply broke it up into about 1"-2" pieces to give it a raw, natural look.  

Place your finish product in a glass jar and add a label with directions on how to use your Bath Fizzies.

 Finish it off by tying it with a ribbon, and giving to someone you love! 

 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.

Psalm 136:26 

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  1. Oh, how cool! Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

    Stopping by via the Raising Homemakers link-up! :-)

    Have a *wonderful* day and God bless,

    { Blog: http://gabby-marie.blogspot.com }

  2. What a great idea!! I love this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Wow, that sounds easy and very relaxing! Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday, and come back next time to see if you were featured!


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