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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Fabulously Frugal, COLORFUL Birthday Party!

Saturday we had Luke's 1st Birthday Party. We ended up going with a Colorful/Rainbow Theme. It was actually by accident. Haha. 

When I went to the Dollar Tree, I grabbed the red, yellow, and blue streamers. Hubby picked out the plates, napkins, and cups. I made up a funfetti cake mix for the cupcakes and decided at the last minute to make different colored icing for some of the cupcakes. As I went I realized I had enough cupcakes to make four of each of the colors of the rainbow.  I grabbed a package of bubbles for "gifts" for the other kiddos and it just so happened to have rainbow colors. 

 My wonderful sisters hung all the streamers for me so we had a wonderfully colorful room! They way they twisted the two colors together created another rainbow look. Thanks again girls!

For the table I grabbed three mason jars I had on hand, filled them with crayons, colorful toys, and pipe cleaners. Then we made fun shapes to stick up out of the jars...a more boyish alternative to flowers. 

After putting this all together I realized we had a colorful rainbow theme going on. Then I remembered I had a book about rainbows. It's call "I Love You More Than Rainbows" by 
Daddy read it to all the kids before we opened presents. It was really special! 

Luke got the special cupcake with the 1 candle in it. Big brother even helped him blow it out. 

Luke loved his cupcake! He kept making a funny "too sugary" face when he would get a taste of the frosting. It was hysterical! 

 When we were done eating cake, reading our story, and opening presents, all the kiddos went outside for some slip-n-slide fun. The kids had a blast. It was so fun to watch them run around the yard squealing and trying to figure out how to actually slide.

This birthday party cost us right around $25 dollars for all the plates, cups, napkins, forks, table cloths, steamers, balloons, bubbles, cake mix, and icing. I already had the items for the center pieces on hand (mason jars, crayons, pipe cleaners, etc). For cupcake "trays" and "stand", I simply used our regular white plates, and put one on top of a clear bowl to make a stand for it.

Happy 1st Birthday Luke! We love you so much!!!

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  1. what a cute idea for a party...I bet the kids did have a great time...Happy Birthday to your precious little boy...


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