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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dress...Errr...Skirt

Next on my list of things to make before Easter...a dress for my self. A little while back my hubby and I had the best date ever - a trip to Hancock fabrics :-). While we were there I picked up a few patterns for things I knew I wanted to make...I normally don't care for patterns all that much but they were on sale...4 for $5...I just couldn't pass that up!

This would be my first real attempt at using an actual pattern in about ten years (my first being an Easter dress I made for myself when I was thirteen). I quickly remembered why I don't care for patterns that much. I don't know all of the technical words that are used and had to look up most of them to understand what I was supposed to do! Plus alot of the instructions were difficult to "decode".

But....I persevered and finished the dress.

I love the color of it. And the way the top fits.

However...after putting it on I am not completely thrilled with the way it all looks. It is an empire waisted dress so it kind of reminds me of the maternity clothes that I am so happy to finally be out of!

After adding a yellow ribbon to it I think it looks a little better but I am still not really excited about it.

So for now I am putting the dress aside and am going to work on it a little more later.
With the blue dress not being what I would call a success I was left with nothing new to wear on Sunday. Which is really not a big deal, but then the other day I stumbled up this fabulous blog. Her art (which is completely inspiring me to get back into painting mode) and tutorials are beautiful! While perusing her tutorials I fell completely head over heals in LOVE with her petticoat skirt!!

I knew immediately that I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

So I made an "emergency" trip to the fabric store to pick up some extra muslin fabric to get started right away. The fabric only cost me $6 since it was on sale at the time :-)

In her tutorial Alisa leaves all of the edges of her fabric raw...which I really do love the look of...however I decided to go ahead and hem every edge of the skirt (I was a little afraid of putting all that work into it and then it fraying to much and getting ruined). If I would have left this step out...it would have only taken me half as long. She also has an elastic waistband...but since I had an extra zipper already at home and no elastic I decided to go with the zipper.

I was really surprised at how easy the skirt was to make!


(This is my attempt to take a picture of myself in the mirror with my camera phone...lol)

Actually I love it so much that I am going to have to make one more...I am thinking of using the blue fabric from my original Easter dress :-) Maybe I will leave the edges raw with this one...I also think that I am going to assemble the skirt first and then sew on the ruffles that way it is a little more "flowy" (pretty sure that isn't a word).

If at first you don't succeed...try...try again...right?!

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