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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am NOT A Runner...

Six weeks ago I was sitting in our church nursery with my son and a friend waiting for church to start. I do not remember how the subject came up but we began discussing getting in shape and losing weight.

Now when you are pregnant gaining weight is a GOOD thing. You are supposed to be able to eat what you want, when you want it! It is all for the baby's well being... right!?!?


that theory was all fine and dandy then...I wanted the big round belly! However, I clearly wasn't thinking about the months and years that would follow my son's birth and the consequences that would come with eating what I wanted, when I wanted it. Looking back now I can clearly see that I SHOULD have said no to the second and third bowl of ice cream at night before bed - yah- it was that bad! I'm am pretty sure now that the eat what you want when you want it rule applies to broccoli and apples...not so much brownies and ice cream.

Now I am sure the six weeks of bed rest there at the end of my pregnancy only made matters worse! But I do have to fess up...I was to blame for the significant amount of weight I gained during my pregnancy.

Here is the progression...

Me at 19 weeks...weighing in at 155 lbs


Me at 39 weeks...weighing in at 220 + lbs :-)

Now don't get me wrong...I still think the preggo me at 39 weeks looks beautiful! I was pregnant after all...I had an excuse to weigh that much then! And you gotta love that beautiful round baby belly :-) I know I did!

But the me after baby...weighing just a little under that...not as pretty.

For six months postpartum I tried to eat kinda good and exercise a little but the weight was going no where!

So there I sat with my friend talking about how much trouble I was having losing the baby weight -can you really call it baby weight though when the baby is out??

She then mentions that she is doing a program called Couch to 5K. Now any one who really knows me knows...I AM NOT A RUNNER!! I just cannot run. Sure I can do the elliptical machine at the gym..but when you are talking about hard core for real running - can't do it!


This baby weight was driving me CRAZY! Why would it not come off! I was desperate to try anything! I missed all of my cute prepregnancy clothes!

She began explaining how you only have to do it three days a week, and that the first week you only have to run for 60 seconds at a time and then you get a break and can walk for 90 seconds.

'hhhmmm'...I thought to myself...'I can run for 60 seconds!!!'

She explained that she was only on week two and would do the program with me. Then in April we would run a 5K together. A pretty simple plan.

So I took the plunge and agreed!

Now...sixty seconds sounds easy right?



I thought I was going to die that first run! But I had agreed to do this with my friend...I had some one to be accountable to...'oh man! what have I got myself into!'

So I kept going.

Each week got a little harder and a little harder. Some days I thought I was going to die; and others I was surprised to find I did it without feeling like I was going to pass out!

NOW...I am on week six and LOVING IT! Like I said before...I have NEVER been a runner. But now...I am running a mile or two at a time! ME! The person who almost died when running for 60 seconds!

I am amazed and so excited about this program! And I actually find my self looking forward to my next run.

Since starting this program I have lost a total of 14 pounds! I still have about that much left to loose still...but hey...it is working! And I feel GREAT! Plus... I can run 2.3 miles and it almost feels effortless!!!!

I still have three weeks to go and I am so looking forward to each and every run.

So look up the program and GIVE IT A TRY! If I can do it...you definitely can!


  1. Hi! I tried the link to read more about the program because I am really, really, really not a runner, but really do need to do something to get healthier and lose about as much as you said... anyway the link isn't working. Do you have any suggestions or a website I could go to on my own?

    1. Hi Faith! here is another link with the program http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml
      Also if you have a smart phone you can down load an app that will tell you when to start and stop running. It is fantastic! It is called Get Running. Good luck! Hope you enjoy the program as much as I have!


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