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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Is Finally Here...Sort Of...

It was finally starting to feel like spring...the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, and you could actually go outside with out a jacket...it was wonderful!

And then it snowed last night! UGH!

Now, I really do love snow...

but only in December, January, or maybe even February. But come March I am sick of the cold and ready for spring!

So to celebrate the fact that it is supposed to be spring I have started pulling out a bunch of my long sleeve t-shirts, cutting them up, and turning them into spring worthy attire :-)

I have about five or six long sleeve shirts that are pretty ill fitting and boring. The sleeve are too short and the fit is too wide. Plus did I mention they are boring!

Solution....cut off the sleeves, take in the sides, and add some pretty!

Here is the first shirt I have finished....
...and a close up...
For the pretty on this shirt I cut up a white t-shirt that has lost all shape and wear-ability. I cut three thin strips. Two of which I pinned to the shirt and stitched right down the middle of them. I turned the fabric a couple different ways to give it kind of a crinkled/ruffled look. For the flower (which you can't see well at all in this pic) I put a running stitch in the top of the fabric and gathered it to make a ruffle. Then kind of rolled up the ruffle to make a rose shape sewed the ends together and sewed it on to the shirt by hand.

I also added some length to the shirt with some of the white fabric. This gives it the "layered t-shirt" effect without the bulkiness of layering.

SO EASY! ...and I LOVE easy projects! This one only took me about thirty minutes!

I AM Momma- Hear Me Roar's blog is where I first found the idea for the pretty on this shirt. She has a little more detail and a different twist to her shirt which is super cute!


  1. Great post. I'm a young father without an artistic flair or hands on know-how but I still like readings blogs like yours and momma-hear me roar.

    As for spring, it always nice to see the easter lilies start to pop up in March. Sure, I know there will still be cold days, maybe even snow, but warm weather is 'round the bend.


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