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Monday, March 1, 2010

Sneak Peek

So today I am going to give you a quick sneak peek at my latest project: A Quiet Book for Jack.

What is a quiet book you ask?
It is an interactive book that helps a child to learn, discover, and play :-)

I first stumbled upon the idea of a quiet book when I found this blog. The momma on this site even provides you with some templates in order to make them. Since we do not have a printer right now I just free handed the shapes.

Since finding this idea for a quiet book I have found many other versions that I am definitely going to make in the future! Some of these books have zippers, buttons, and latches for kids to learn and practice on. One page even had the shape of a tennis shoe with laces tied for a child to practice tying shoes with.

What is my quiet book made of:
Each page of the book is made of white cotton fabric; while the accents and designs are made of felt.

These are not all of the pages that are going into my quiet book, just a couple of my favorites...

The Vegetable Garden
This is the garden page. I actually got my inspiration for this page from the same blog but a different project. This design is actually one that is on the side of a felt playhouse that she made for her son (this project is definitely on my list of HAVE TO MAKE!!)

On this page Jack can pick the carrots out of the dirt bed, pick the corn from the stalks, and pick the lettuce. (the lettuce leaf is attached with velcro) I am thinking about adding an earth worm to the page somewhere...after all what little boy doesn't like worms :-)

The Barn

On this page Jack can open the doors to find a cow, chicken, and pig finger puppet. He can also match the animal to the sound it makes on the page. I am also thinking about adding a duck to his little farm friends!

I still have a few finishing touches to put on a couple more pages and to assemble the book (the pages also look like they desperately need to be ironed!) I will post the finished product when it is all assembled. I can't wait to let my little man get his hands on this book!

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