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Monday, March 29, 2010

Gone Hunting...For Eggs!

I have been sewing up a storm lately! With Easter quickly approaching I had a few outfits in mind that I just had to make. I knew I wanted to make Jack an Easter outfit, an Easter dress for myself, and a shirt for Jack for the big Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

I decided for Jack's Easter egg hunt shirt I wanted to try a freezer paper stencil...you can find a great tutorial here on how to properly use this technique.

So my first attempt at this technique was not what I would call successful. I wasn't positive what I wanted his shirt to say or have on it...but I knew I wanted an Easter egg on the front. So I decided to paint that on first.

Now freezer paper stenciling seems like a very simple process, and in fact it was...but for whatever reason my attempt did not look good! I may have bought the wrong paint...maybe it did not dry well enough...I am not sure. What I do know is that I need to practice more!

So after the egg I decided to scrap the freezer stencil for now and went to plan B...Applique...

I love to applique!!! I find it to be very quick and easy...and love the way it looks!

...here is how Jack's Easter Egg Hunt shirt turned out...

Here is the quick rundown on how to make your own Easter Egg Gone Hunting T-shirt...
(Sorry I don't have any step-by-step pics...I got a little carried away and forgot the camera!)
You will need:
1 T-shirt any color of your choosing
1 T-shirt for the letters....or you can just use left over scraps from another project
2 different colors of ribbon (or as many colors as you choose)
1 Disappearing ink fabric pen (not sure if this is the "technical" name for it)
Sewing Machine
(optional) Heat & Bond or Wonder Under

Next go to your computer and print off the words GONE HUNTING to use as a template.
...or you can just free hand the letters like me (I still don't have a printer). You can also print out a template for your egg at this time...or once again just free hand it.

Now you will want to cut out your template letters and egg and trace them onto your accent fabric. Or...it you don't have a fabric pen you can pin your templates onto your fabric and just cut them out that way.

The next part is optional....and is something I only do when I have a big piece of fabric that I am going to applique on since this tends to be so time consuming.

...so next you CAN... take your Heat & Bond or Wonder Under and trace and cut out each of the letters and egg and follow the directions on the packaging to attach the letters to the shirt.

...or...you can simply pin the letters to the shirt and sew around the edges like I did. A lot less time consuming!

Now for the design on the egg...I simply cut out four strips of ribbon -two white and two green. Then pinned them around the egg and sewed around the edge of the egg to keep them in place.

Finally I sewed the egg on top of my botched freezer paper stenciled egg.

I can't wait for him to wear it now!!! He is crawling all over the place so it will be interesting to see what he thinks about crawling around outside :-) a little dirt and grass is supposed to be good for little boys right?

...then again it probably won't be very good for his pants...but maybe then his grass stained pants will give me some incentive to try this Knee Pad Pants Tutorial I have been dying to try.

Later this week I will be sharing Jack's Easter Sunday Outfit...only a few more details and it will be done! :-)

Have a WONDERFUL week!

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