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Saturday, March 20, 2010

"New" Dress For Lil Sis

This past weekend my hubby, son, and I got to visit my family in Texas...

I always LOVE spending time with my parents and FOUR sisters! -yes a family of five girls....no boys except for dad...needless to say that when I had my son I had no clue what in the world I was supposed to do with a boy! I am quickly learning though ;-)

From Top: Andrea, Miranda, Erica, Me, and Lil Sis (Emma)

My mom is extremely crafty and artistic...it is where I would like to think that I got my creativity from. The last few times I have seen her she has purged her fabric supply and graciously donated it to me! So WONDERFUL! This time was no different...I got three full boxes of fabric, lace, and doilies!! My mind has been going ninety to nothing thinking about everything I want to do with it all!

So while there and going through all the fabric...my mom started talking to me about fixing a few of my little sisters clothes that were becoming too short or had holes in them. She showed me a simple blue dress that had an unfortunate hole at the top near the neck, and asked what we should do to fix it.

I immediately began digging through the boxes to find something to hide the hole and make the dress a little more than just a simple blue dress...

I ended up finding some pretty lacy ribbon...

and here is what I came up with...
Lil Sis showing off her "new" dress for me. Don't you just love those glasses and big eyes!!!

For the ruffle on top I simply put a running stitch in the top and the bottom of the lace and pulled the thread so that it gathered. Then I pinned the lace to the top of the dress and stitched over the running stitch at the top and bottom.

...and that was it...easy peasy. The hole is fixed...and Lil Sis looks so pretty!!!

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