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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY No Sew Apron

Today I am going to share a super quick, easy peasy, and cheap tutorial for an everyday apron! Since I have started line drying our laundry, I have wanted an apron with a pocket to put the clothespins in. So the other night I grabbed up some scrap fabrics, and whipped one up in about 30 minutes.

Don't know how to sew? Don't have a sewing machine? Don't sweat it! I share both a sewing and a        No-Sew version! 

Step 1.) Gather your Materials...I used some left over fabric for the main fabric, a handkerchief for the pocket, and some old lace for the ties. For the ties you can use lace, bias tape, ribbon, etc. Don't have a handkerchief...use any piece of fabric you want. I went with this hankie because the edges were already finished. Use whatever you have on hand. No need to buy new fabric!

If you are making the No Sew version you will want to pick up a small roll of Heat-N-Bond Ultra. You can find it at Wal-Mart or any craft store for just a few dollars. 

Step 2.) Cut your main fabric to the size above (28" wide x16" long). You can honestly make this any size you want...want it longer, add a few inches...want it wider...no problem! Do what ever size works best for you. 

Serge or zig zag edges so they do not fray.

**If you are making the No Sew version: When "hemming" the edges with Heat-N-Bond you will want to hem the top edge 1" and the sides and bottom 1/2". This will save you a whole step later on.**

Step 3.) Pin and sew handkerchief onto main fabric.

No Sew Version: Use Heat-n-Bond to adhere the two edges of the handkerchief together since you are folding it in half, before adhering it to the main fabric.

Step 4.) Sew or Bond  1 1/2" of the top of the handkerchief to the main fabric. This will give the pocket a bit more stability.

Step 5.) Hem the top of the apron. Fold over 1", iron and sew in place.

**If using the No Sew method this step has already been completed back in step #1. Yea!

Step 6.) Line up the center of your lace to the center of your apron. Attach with either Heat-n-Bond or pin in place.

No Sew: Once you attach the lace with Heat-n-Bond you are done! Try it on and be proud!

Sewing: Continue to step 7...

Step 7.) Sew lace in place.

All done! See...simple...easy peasy...and cheap! Now fill it with some clothespins, or whatever else you want and look super cute while working!

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  1. Nice, Lorissa! I'm going to "pin" this so I can come back to it later.

    God bless,

  2. Love the apron and the pictures! Nice job :)


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