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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Time at the Ball Game

Sunday we were able to go with our church family to a OKC Red Hawks baseball game. We had so much fun watching the game and relaxing together with our family and friends. 

I decided to snap a few pictures of our family while we were there. Jack was being super cute standing on his chair with his hat backwards, holding his glove, and yelling at the players 'catch it!'. Perfect photo op right? Nope. I said 'say cheese Jack!'....and this was the face I got...

He has been so weird about pictures lately. He will sometimes half smile, but wont look at the camera. What a goober. Oh well...he still looks stinking cute with that face! 

Daddy decided to try to tickle him to get him to smile for a picture 

 It worked momentarily...but soon he was back to this...

...and this...

He did however, win fan of the game! Basically, when the camera is scrolling around the stands they pick out 3 different people and flash a video of them up on the screen...then every one in the crowd cheers for who they want to win. Jack was standing in his chair, with his sunglasses and hat on, holding his baseball glove, and waving at the camera. Way too cute! And of course...my adorable little guy won. :-) He was super excited that he had won a baseball. 

Luke simply chilled out the whole game with his best buddy in the entire world! I couldn't believe how relaxed and go with the flow he was! He looks so big in this picture...I can't believe he is turning one in a month! Ah!

 We even had really great seats...right behind home plate.

I am so thankful for a relaxing time spent with my precious family!

...and for this little goober! For a two year old he is way too funny! I can't wait to see what he is going to be like in the next few years...so much personality! 


  1. my grandson is the same way...he is almost 2...that is so cool he won...but who wouldn't vote for that cutie pie...


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